Departing Interview With President Rasmussen (Week 100)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Monday, June 22, 2015
Subject: Departing Interview With President Rasmussen (Week 100)

Hello hello, this week has been another blur, but it’s been good. I
will go through some of the highlights.

So on Wednesday, I had my departing interview with President
Rasmussen! There are three people going home this transfer in my zone
including me, Elder Haynie, and Elder Pogue. We all met at Nottingham
train station, from which we drove the zone leaders car to the mission
home in Birmingham. I was the person who got to drive, which was
awesome to be able to drive again, I absolutely love driving in the

So we go to the mission home, and I was first to go for my
interview. It lasted a bit over an hour, and President Rasmussen and I
just reminisced on our favorite memories of the mission, he asked me
to talk about what I learned, and he gave me advice for my future. We
talked about all sorts of things, and it was so great to be able to
just have that one on one time for so long with him, he is such an
incredible guy. He is one of the most successful people I have met and
will probably ever meet, so I was treating his words of advice like
pearls. I am so grateful that I got to serve under him. Talking to him
about my mission and reflecting back on certain times, I just realized
how much I have been able to accomplish these past two years, and how
much I have grown. Gosh I love my mission. He and Sister Rasmussen
actually finish their mission next week, so I will have a new mission
president for my last week in the mission.

While Elder Haynie and I were waiting for Elder Pogue to finish his interview, we were talking to Sister Rasmussen, and she decided to take us across the street and
give us a little tour of the house that they have been living at the
past three years. It was so cool, because not a lot of missionaries
are able to see it. It was one of the nicest homes I’ve been in on my
mission. We said goodbye to President and Sister Rasmussen, because it
was the last time that we would see them (at least until our mission
reunion in October). Sister Rasmussen is our mission mom, I love her
so much, I just can’t tell you how grateful I am for everything that
they have done for me, I have learned SO much from them.

I had an exchange on Thursday with Elder Lowe, who’s from Australia.
We had a great time together, and our day was jam packed. We had a
dinner appointment in Newark, which is a thirty minute train ride
away, and we ended up going to their old address that is still on the
ward list. They still live in Newark, but far enough away where he had
to come pick us up and we left our bikes locked up there. We were
running a bit late when he dropped us back off after dinner, so we
hopped on our bikes and were racing to catch the train. We
accidentally took the wrong way, which made us have to cycle even
faster. We were a couple minutes from the station, when suddenly my
back tire blew out, and I couldn’t ride anymore. I was freaking out
because if I missed the train, we wouldn’t be able to catch another
one for another hour and a half, meaning we wouldn’t get back home
till about eleven. I picked up my bike and just ran with it the rest
of the way, and we jumped on the train just in time for it to leave. I
feel like it was a lot more suspenseful in real life, but it was
honestly crazy. Once we got to Lincoln, we had to walk our bikes back
to the flat, which is about an hour and a half walk away. We got home
and just crashed. I was so exhausted. I guess the reason I’m telling
this story is just because it is things like that that make the
mission so fun. We were laughing so hard the whole time, and we were
going crazy. It was so exhausting, but that’s what I love about the
mission. With so little time left, I am just trying to appreciate the
little things even more. I am so glad I am here to be able to have
experiences like that, and to be able to teach the gospel on top of
all that. It’s just the best. It’s so hard sometimes, but it is
honestly the best.

Obviously our other highlight has been teaching Kevin. He is so cool.
He is just one of the funniest, friendliest, most outgoing people I
have ever met, and he loves the gospel, loves the Book of Mormon, and
is so excited to be baptized this upcoming Sunday. I love that guy.

We have been finding new people along the way, which has been nice,
and Kevin brought two friends to church, which was awesome. I’m just
so happy and loving life. Thank you all for your love and support.
Have a great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

Saying goodbye to President and Sister Rasmussen
Driving with Elder Haynie and Elder Pogue!
Trying to balance my bike on Elder Lowe’s while he pulled his bike. My bike just wouln’t work on its own. This method proved to be extremely unsuccessful, but we eventually figured out how to work it.
We had Hot Pot with Kevin, Yang, Mandy, and Cindy. They are so awesome!
So apparently Lincoln is the birthplace of the tank. Who knew?
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