IPADS! Nottingham! Lemon! Elder Alldredge! (Week 96)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <nathan.debeikes@myldsmail.net>
Date: Mon, May 25, 2015 at 1:11 AM
Subject: IPADS! Nottingham! Lemon! Elder Alldredge!

Dearest family and friends, hello! This has been a pretty good week.
Unfortunately, Kevin didn’t feel ready for his baptism quite yet, so
we rescheduled for the 14th of June, and I really really believe he
will be able to make it for that. He is still the coolest person ever
and I freakin love that guy. So this week we officially got IPADS! We
still aren’t able to use them proselyting yet, but we should be able
to in the next couple days. It’s really cool, it feels weird having
technology like this again. Weird that I’ll only have it for my last
six weeks, but whatever. Speaking of my last six weeks, transfers are
this week. Can you believe it? I feel like we JUST had transfers, time
is going by so incredibly fast. We both think that Elder Haynie will
probably leave, seeing as though I just got here. We’ll find out
tonight what will happen though, I’m super excited to see what will
happen for my LAST transfer. I can’t believe I actually just said
that. I just don’t really believe that I will ever actually go home.
Yesterday was a really good day at church, President and Sister
Rasmussen were there and spoke in sacrament meeting, which was
excellent. They are two of the most amazing people I have ever met in
my life, I really love them. Whenever they speak, you can just feel
the love that they have for each of us missionaries.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I went on exchange in Nottingham with Elder
Alldredge on Tuesday! Holy smokes, it was SO cool to be back there for
a day. As soon as I walked into the flat, I was just flooded with all
the memories of serving there. I absolutely love that place. We were
able to see Lemon, Jia Jia, and Viet. Unfortunately, Ariel was back in
Tobago for a couple weeks, and Leon had already gone back to China.
Seeing Lemon was amazing, she is one of my favourite people ever. She
has grown SO much since the last time I saw her, it was so amazing to
see how much the church has helped her. I love experiences like that.
Jia Jia also told me that she will be getting baptised in June! I
can’t believe it! I’m just so grateful for Nottingham, and for the
people I met there and the incredible experiences I had with Elder
Alldredge, that place is like my second home.

I’m just so so grateful for all the amazing times I have had on my
mission, and being able to witness how the gospel of Jesus Christ can
change people’s lives. I love the gospel with all my heart, and I
absolutely love being a missionary. I’m looking forward to my last
transfer, and I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes


Elder DeBeikes - England Lincoln IPADS! 5-25-15

finally got one of these pictures…

Elder DeBeikes - England Lincoln Red PhoneBooth Nathan 5-25-15

Jia Jia!

Elder DeBeikes - England Lincoln Jia Jia 5-25-15

The Mullisses (coolest family EVER)

Elder DeBeikes - England Lincoln The Mullisses 5-25-15

England Lincoln District picture

Elder DeBeikes - England Lincoln District Picture 5-25-15

Nottingham with Lemon! (and her friend Hellen who just got baptized)

Elder DeBeikes - England Lincoln Elder Alldredge, Lemon, Helen, Me 5-25-15


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