Six Dinner Appointments This Week. SIX! Lincoln Is Awesome (Week 92)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 3:35 AM
Subject: Six Dinner Appointments This Week. SIX! Lincoln Is Awesome

What up everyone! Man, life is great at the moment. This past week has been so so good, and I am so happy. Lincoln is awesome, I am loving it so much. It is a really cool city, and really beautiful. We work a lot around the university, which is right next to the city centre, so everything is really close, it’s perfect. And the cathedral is right there in view on top of a massive hill, it’s just really cool. And the people here are so cool. There is just a really laid back type of feeling here, it reminds me a lot of Loughborough, it’s great.

We are working with a lot of really cool people at the moment, there are loads of chinese students around who are great and way open to learning more. Elder Haynie is so great, we are having a blast together and the work is moving along great. Honestly life couldn’t get much better at the moment, I can’t believe I actually get to finish my mission like this. Yesterday at church I met so many members who came up and introdused themselves, and they all seem really excited about missionary work. And we have six dinner appointments this week. SIX! that’s the most I’ve ever had my whole mission. This place doesn’t seem real…

It’s hard to think of specifics of what has happened this week, it’s all gone by so quickly. This week on wednesday we are having a mission wide conferecne in Birmingham all about getting iPads, so that should be exciting. We should be getting iPads really soon, so I can use one for the last two months of my mission….cool.

So yeah, just want you guys to know that I am happy, I love the gospel and the joy which it brings. I love seeing the Book of Mormon play a powerful role in the conversion of others. I am so grateful for the restoration which was brought about through Joseph Smith. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

So this is like the only picture I have taken in Lincoln so far, I’ll try to take more this week. But this was up at the cathedral, was so cool.

Elder DeBeikes - England Lincoln with Elder Haynie 4-26-15


Lincoln Castle, Lincolnshire


Map where Lincoln England is



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