Stay Focused – Finish Strong Last Five Months!(81)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 1:41 AM
Subject: Stay Focused – Finish Strong Last Five Months!

Dear family and friends,

This was an interesting week. It wasn’t too bad, I just feel like I have been in Nottingham for so long haha. It’s good though, I love this place. So some highlights of the week include going to the mission home in Birmingham for our monthly mission leadership council, where we once again had the privilege of hearing President and Sister Rasmussen speak to us, which was great as usual. It was great as well to see some really good mission friends.

We had zone meeting on Thursday, which was another good one. I really love Nottingham zone at the moment, there are some really awesome missionaries.

Other than that, we have just been trying to find new people to teach. It has been a bit tough lately for some reason, but we are looking forward to this upcoming week to be able to find some good people and continue to see miracles. Sorry if this is kind of a boring email, I just don’t feel like a lot happened this week. I’m just trying to stay focused and finish strong for my last five months, I know that time is going to go by really fast, so I just want to make the most of it. Thank you all for what you do for me, have a great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

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