Kill, Skin, Clean, & Cook Rabbit For Dinner with The Spencers (Week 68)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 3:09 AM
Subject: Kill, Skin, Clean, & Cook Rabbit For Dinner with The Spencers

Well well well, this has been quite the eventful week. I officially have a new companion! His name is Elder Alldredge, and he was actually one of my mtc roommates, so I have literally known him since day one of my mission, and he has always been a good friend. We couldn’t believe it when we got the call and were told that we would be companions. I am so happy, he is a lot like me, and we get along great. We have been loving our time together so far, and have been really busy.

On Wednesday I spent the day with two other Elders in the zone while we all waited for our new companions to get to Nottingham from the mission home. It was really fun, and strange going around all day with more than one other missionary. It was cool to get to know them though, I love meeting other missionaries and getting to know them. That night I picked up Elder Alldredge from the train station, and we’ve loved it ever since.

Thursday we had our monthly meeting with President and Sister Rasmussen and the leaders of the mission, which was great as always. It’s about an hour drive, and it was fun driving it with Elder Alldredge. It was cool to see so many mission friends as well, I love all of the friends I have made.

Friday we had the chance to drive to Derby, which is another city, which I believe I have talked about before, to do a baptismal interview for an 80 year old woman. It was so amazing to see her awesome faith and desire to make this change in her life, even though she isn’t at the typical age people choose to get baptized at.

On Saturday we had a crazy meal with some awesome members. The Spencers, who are an American couple here for work, had us over. They breed their own rabbits, and we helped him kill, skin, and clean out one of the rabbits, then he cooked us its liver right there. it was…interesting, to say the least. definitely a Dinner appointment I will never forget.

So yeah, those are some of the good times I have been having. I am so happy right now, and so grateful to be a missionary. I love teaching the gospel to others, and I love being continuously converted myself. I just love the gospel with all of my heart. It truly brings inner peace and lasting happiness. Thank you all so much for your tremendous love and support. Have a great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

this is us with Brother Spencer and the rabbit…crazy

Elder DeBeikes - Nottingham Brother Spencer and rabbit 11-10-14

So this was our last district meeting before transfers, im gonna miss those who left

Elder DeBeikes - Nottingham Last District mtg 11-10-14

Sam took us out to dinner the night before transfers (the other elder is elder Holman who spent the night with us)

Elder DeBeikes - Nottingham dinner with Sam 11-10-14

This is me with Elder Holman and Elder Sorenson, who I spent all of Wednesday with while we waited for our companions, it was a blast

Elder DeBeikes - Nottingham Elder Holman & Elder Sorenson 11-10-14

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