Leicester Zone Conference – 100 Missionaries! (Week 60)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <nathan.debeikes@myldsmail.net>
Date: Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 3:09 AM
Subject: Leicester Zone Conference – 100 Missionaries!

Hello family and friends once again! This week was so fantastic, and we were extremely busy the whole week which was great. A few highlights:

Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Leicester, which is about an hour south of Nottingham. We met up with the Leicester and Coventry zones, so there were about 100 missionaries there. President and Sister Rasmussen spoke, and they were so inspiring. I feel so privileged to have a man such as him as my mission president. I was also able to see so many good friends I have made on my mission, some that I haven’t seen for a very long time. it helped me realize once again how many amazing people I have made on my mission, and how many lifelong relationships I have established. Needless to say, it was a fantastic day.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go on exchange in Lincoln, which is a very beautiful city, full of lots of great people. I had a great time with Elder Snyder, who is the district leader there.

Saturday and Sunday we had the Nottingham stake conference, which was absolutely amazing. I don’t know if you will remember me talking about Elder De Feo of the seventy who came to Leicester stake conference a few months ago, but he came to Nottingham as well and was just as amazing as the first time I heard him speak. I am so grateful that I was able to hear him again, he is one of my favourite people ever.

We have been teaching a lot of cool people lately, two of which are Viet and Tina. Viet from Viet Nam and Tina from China. they are both so amazing and loved coming to church yesterday. afterward we just went for a walk with them and talked all about it.

I love the gospel so much, it makes me so happy, and I love missionary work. I am so grateful to be on a mission at this time. Thank you all so much for your love and support. as always, have a fantastic week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

This is ELder Hall, Elder Harris (different than the companion elder harris) and Sister Kuykendoll, we were all in the mtc together

Elder DeBeikes - Zone Conference Leicester 9-12-14 ELder Hall, Elder Harris Sister Kuykendoll

Elder Smith! it was the first time i saw him since we were companions

Elder DeBeikes - Zone  Conference Leicester 9-12-14 Elder Smith

this is Viet and Tina. they are so cool

Elder DeBeikes - Nottingham teaching 9-12-14 Viet & Tina

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One Response to Leicester Zone Conference – 100 Missionaries! (Week 60)

  1. Karen Greding says:

    I am always amazed how the Lord works around governments–notably China–how many Chinese people got baptized in England in E/S Powell’s area, and how you mention those of other countries that come into areas where they can be taught the Gospel. Then they can go back to their countries and the Gospel grows there.
    We have been incredibly busy these days, mostly personal trips, but recently returned home from Ghana where we worked on clean water projects, and in a few weeks we’ll be in Nepal for the same reason of course. So, I haven’t been much on writing to you. It was fun catching up on your blog–a great way to share your mission with lots of people. We have a blog too for our water project visits.
    Take care of yourself. Our grandson, who had been serving in D.C. tore his ACL playing soccer. He was home for 2 1/2 months having the operation and thankfully just got sent back to his mission today. He is relieved to finally get back. So, do take care not to tweak yourself.
    Sincerely, Karen Greding

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