Vida’s Baptism!!!(Week 52)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 4:22 AM

Well, this past week was absolutely amazing. I am so incredibly happy to be a missionary right now, i really have been blessed. I will share some of the highlights of the week:

So last monday we were able to play football with a bunch of recent converts, which was so fun. i am getting a lot better and enjoying it a lot more, even though i am still rubbish. Just looking around at all of the amazing people i met and having a blast with them made me feel so fortunate.

Friday was a really great day as well. We played basketball with a lot of chinese recent converts, and then about 8 other chinese students came and played with us, so we had a big tournament going on. They all thought it was so cool that i was from america and they are all obsessed with the nba, and they are all actually very good at basketball. it was so fun to be able to play something i am actually decent at, and afterward, we told them that we are teachers from our church and they said they want to learn more about God, it was so cool!

Saturday was Vida’s baptism. it was absolutely amazing. she asked me to baptize her, which was such a privilege. It was a very spiritual experience, and she absolutely loved it. she told me that she called one of her friends before her baptism and told him that she is getting baptized, and he tried to talk her out of it and made her feel terrible, but she said when she came and we started singing the opening hymn, she felt this overwhelming sense of peace and knew that she was doing the right thing and that she was so happy. She just thanked me so much for everything, it was such a great experience, one that i will never forget for the rest of my life.

We have been seeing a lot of little miracles lately, and i am so happy. i feel so blessed to be a missionary at this time. To think that in just a few days, i will have officially been in the UK for one year, is absolutely insane. I don’t know where the time has gone. looking back on the past year, it has been the biggest rollercoaster of emotions that i have ever had. it has been the toughest thing i have done, but also the most rewarding, and i am looking froward to one more year of it. I love my mission, i really do. Thank you for all of your love and support for me, I can’t tell you all how much i appreciate it. Have a good week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

our backyard was getting way out of hand…

elder debeikes 001-4 Backyard 7-21-14

and this is Barry, a recent convert in the ward who fed us the best dumplings of my life. i love chinese food

elder debeikes 002-4 - Barry 7-21-14

this is Vida!!!!!!!!!!! She is the best – Her Baptism

elder debeikes 003-4 Vida baptism 7-21-14

elder debeikes 004-3 Vida baptism 2  7-21-14

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