Best week of my mission – Feng’s Baptism (Week 48)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 4:11 AM
Subject: Best week of my mission – Feng’s Baptism

Well, I honestly don’t even know where to start. This was by far the best week of my mission. I am so unbelievably happy right now. I have seen so many things happen that have strengthened my faith and have made me the happiest person alive. So, I will start from the beginning and tell you the highlights of each day. i have a feeling this will be quite a long email.

Monday – Zone p day in leicester, where we played a ton of football with all of the missionaries in the zone, which consists of about 30 missionaries, which was extremely fun. i am still absolute rubbish when it comes to football, but i enjoy it well enough.

Tuesday – We went with the other Elders to one of their investigators’ house for lunch. Her name is Ivy, and she is a chinese student. she first of all is one of the nicest, funniest, most sincere people i have ever met, and second of all is the best cook that i have ever known in my life. she cooked us all the best chinese food, it was honestly so amazing. We also had our investigator, Feng, there, and we were able to teach Ivy and Feng after we had the most amazing meal of my life.
We were also able to teach a new student named Han, who loves the Book of Mormon so much, and is so excited about everything we are teaching him. The spirit is working with him so much, it is really incredible to witness.

Wednesday – I went on a mini exchange with Elder Harris, and we were able to go to Ivy’s house again where she cooked for us and we taught her a lesson. She is honestly so amazing, i am meeting the greatest people.

Thursday – We were able to teach six lessons, which is tied for the most i have ever taught in one day on my mission. It was really amazing, and every time i teach my testimony grows so much stronger. Vee told us that she would not be getting baptized on Saturday. she said that she isnt ready yet, but she knows she eventually will be baptized, which is a huge blessing, she is really amazing.

Friday – We went with the Zone Leaders to a members home to do a lot of service for them in their huge backyard. I love doing service, we just dug up a bunch of dirt and mixed cement and layed down slabs, so it was pretty fun.

Saturday – FENG’S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feng is so awesome. When we started teaching him, he was going through a lot, and was very stressed out with a lot of things going on in his life. by the time we finished teaching him everything, he has changed into a different person. he is so happy, and loves life so much. It just helps me to really understand what the gospel can do for people. I had the privilege of being able to baptize Feng, which was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The spirit was so strong the whole time, and i just can’t tell you how happy i am. After the baptism, we went to dinner with three chinese recent converts, including Feng, and the four other missionaries in Loughborough. It was so fun. the food was great, and everyone was being so funny. i honestly don’t think i have laughed that hard my whole mission. This was quite possibly the greatest day of my mission so far, and it is a day that i will never forget.

Sunday – We went to church, and the Loughborough ward is amazing. i love them so much. we went to the Youngs’ for dinner, and they are a very cool couple in their late fifties. they are just one of the many amazing families in Loughborough.

Okay, so that was my week, sorry if this is really long. I cannot express to you the joy that i feel right now. i am so extremely grateful that i decided to serve a mission. All of the trials and difficulties that come with serving a mission are SO worth it. I love the gospel with all of my heart, i really really do. I hope you guys can tell how happy this work makes me. Thank you all for your love and support, and i hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

if you look in the background, you can see grey towers, and that is where the university is. loughborough university is awesome.

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough University 6-23-14

Feng’s baptism!

Elder DeBeikes - Feng's Baptism 6-23-14

Elder DeBeikes - Feng's Baptism 2 6-23-14

so this is just a random cool field in loughborough, and that is ivy who is the best cook ever. david is standing next to her, and he got baptized 2 weeks ago. they are both really cool Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough Field 2 6-23-14 Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough Field 6-23-14

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough - Ivy cooking & David 6-23-14

this is all the food that ivy cooked for us, and this is me with elder swinemar and feng, and the last one is the view from this huge tower in the middle of loughborough that overlooks the whole city


we all imitated the picture in the background. michael is the african who also got baptized, he was taught by the sisters

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough imitating picture in background 6-23-14

this is when we went to dinner, david is on my left wearing elder harris’ name badge

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough - Out to dinner with David 6-23-14

this is yixing as he was riding away on his bike. he is hilarious

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough - Yixing on bike 6-23-14

this is me with Ji, who was baptized a few months ago, he was helping us teach in the university library. those are his glasses

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough with Ji 6-23-14

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough with Ji's glasses on 6-23-14

this is when we went out to dinner with feng and everyone else

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough - Out to Chinese dinner with everyone 6-23-14

this is david again wearing elder harris’ name badge

Elder DeBeikes - Loughborough David wearing Elder tag 6-23-14


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