Mother’s Day – Skyping with Family(Week 42)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, May 12, 2014 at 4:58 AM
Subject: Mother’s Day – Skyping with Family

Hello once again, another week has come and gone, quicker than ever. It was one of the best weeks of my mission so far. Elder Swinemar and I are having such a great time doing the work in Loughborough, and we have seen some amazing things happen. We have found so many new people to teach, and so many people have been interested and are excited to learn more about the gospel. I have had the amazing privilege to teach many Chinese students, who have never heard of Jesus Christ, and who have never prayed before. As they pray at the end of the lesson, they all tell us of how they feel God talking to them, and as they read and pray about the Book of Mormon, they can feel Him speaking to them again. it just strengthens my testimony that God loves and hears each and everyone of His children. We still work around Loughborough University a lot, and a lot of the students are interested and want to learn more. it was also my privilege to interview Jill Foreman, one of the Zone Leaders’ investigators, for baptism. She has gained such an incredible testimony in the past six months of being taught the gospel, and as she shared her experiences of how she gained her faith, it strengthened me as well. Her baptism was on Saturday, and it was an amazing spiritual experience. I love experiences like that that increase my faith and help confirm to me that i am doing exactly what i am supposed to be doing at this time.

Skyping yesterday was absolutely amazing as well. it was so great to see everyone and talk face to face. although it was difficult to say goodbye, i am so thankful for that experience and i love you guys so much. I am happy, and i know that i am in the right place. although it can be tough sometimes, i wouldn’t rather be anywhere else, and i know that this is the best thing i could be doing at this point in my life. Thank you all so much once again, i appreciate all of your love and support probably more than you even realize. Have a great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

all of these are from Bolsover Castle. the last one is with Brother and Sister Pladgeman

Elder DeBeikes - 7 Bolsover Castle in Loughborough with the Pladgeman's 5-10-14

Elder DeBeikes - 4 Bolsover Castle in Loughborough 5-10-14

Elder DeBeikes - 6 Castle in Loughborough 5-10-14 Elder DeBeikes - 5 Bolsover Castle in Loughborough 5-10-14 Elder DeBeikes - 2 Castle in Loughborough 5-10-14 Elder DeBeikes - 3 Castle in Loughborough 5-10-14 Elder DeBeikes - 1 Castle in Loughborough 5-10-14

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