Breakin’ down the door! (Week 33)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 7:07 AM
Subject: Breakin’ down the door!

Hello there everyone, once again! Well this past week was a pretty good one. It was transfer week, but Elder Smith and I are both staying, so nothing too exciting on that part. We had an interesting experience on thursday right before district meeting. So Elder Smith went in the bedroom from the study room to get something for studies, and for whatever reason, i closed the bedroom door while he was in there. we had never closed the bedroom door before that, and i now realize why. when i tried to open it, I thought he was pushing it closed, so i told him to stop, and then he said he wasn’t even touching it. I then told him to open the door from his side, but turns out there is no handle on his side. so…long story short, he was locked in our bedroom for a few hours with nothing to do, while the other elders came over and tired to help us figure out a way to get out. we ended up having to call the landlord, and he just came over and basically broke the door down with his body. It was a very funny experience.

So i know that was kind of a random story, but i just thought i would let you guys in on the weird little interesting things that happen to us every once in a while. As for actual missionary work, this week was alright. we are trying very hard to get new people to teach, which has been difficult lately. One thing that is very good though is that the weather is finally starting to clear up! It is actually sunny right now, not a cloud in the sky! who said miracles don’t exist? So i think that people will start being generally happier and more friendly, which will help us with being able to get more people to teach. 
We have been able to see some absolutely beautiful parts of Wales in the past few days. We have been to Ammanford and Carmarthen to see different members and work around their areas. they are both amazing places.
So i have been reading a lot of the New Testament lately, and I love reading all of the stories about Jesus and His Apostles. I love reading about Him, because as i do, i feel closer to Him, and i learn more about the type of person He is. I don’t have a whole lot left to say, so i guess i will just leave off with my testimony that Jesus Christ really did die for us, and that through Him, we can have incredible eternal happiness. I for one am so grateful for his sacrifice, and for the daily strength that He gives me, because I have needed daily strength on my mission more than any time in my life. I love this gospel, and i know it is the greatest way to happiness. Thank you so much for your continuous love and support, have a great week!
Love, Elder DeBeikes 
this is me in a beautiful place called carmarthen, where the allen family lives.
Elder DeBeikes - Wales - Carmarthen3 Allen Family 3-10-14
Elder DeBeikes - Wales - Carmarthen1 Allen Family 3-10-14 Elder DeBeikes - Wales - Carmarthen2 Allen Family 3-10-14
this is my district. the first one is us cleaning our ward mission leaders kitchen because he is super busy and his wife is ill and we surprised him to help him around the house
Elder DeBeikes - Wales - Ward Mission leader house 1 3-9-14
Elder DeBeikes - Wales - Llanelli District Ward Mission Leader 3-10-14
Elder DeBeikes - Wales - Llanelli - Districrt 3-10-14
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