Sister Gregoryian from Romania, she is so tiny! (Week 31)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 5:25 AM
Subject: Sister Gregoryian from Romania, she is so tiny!

Hello there again. i honestly don’t know what to say, because this past week has only felt like one day, as usual, and i don’t remember a whole lot of specific details. I went on an exchange with my district leader, Elder Seacy from Australia. he is really cool, and we had a lot of fun together. we had some interesting experiences. we taught two brothers that still keep the law of moses, and told us that we don’t keep the 10 commandments, and that we should research what he was saying because now we are accountable for our actions, so that was fun. Elder Smith and I have still been getting along and have been finding some cool people to teach. The work is a little slow at the moment, but i am not worried, i know it will pick up soon. it is currently very sunny outside, which is a pleasant surprise. i can’t believe that by next week it will be march, this year is already going by so quickly. i feel like i am going to be halfway done before i know it, so i know that i have to make the most out of my time here. i am really enjoying my mission. sorry this email is kind of a  short one, but i love you all very much, and thank you for all of your support!
Love, Elder DeBeikes
here is me and Sister Gregoryian from Romania, she is so tiny!
Elder DeBeikes & Sister Gregoryian from Romania in Wales 2-24-14
this is me with a bunch of sheep on the way to a members house for dinner, and Elder Smith being a model
Elder DeBeikes Wales contryside sheep 2-24-14
Elder DeBeikes photo of Elder Smith modeling Wales 2-24-14
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