Mexican Food Thanksgiving (Week 19)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 2:46 AM
Subject: Mexican Food Thanksgiving

WOW, can you believe that it is already December? that is absolutely crazy. this week has been such a good one. we are still meeting with Luke, and everything is looking good for his baptism this Saturday. I am so excited for him. last P day after i emailed, we had a zone p day where we were able to play basketball and ping pong with everyone in the zone, it was so nice to play something that i am actually decent at. and everyone in the zone is really cool and they are all amazing missionaries as well. on thursday we had dinner at some members’ house, and they made enchiladas for us, they had no idea it was thanksgiving in America. it was definitely strange having mexican food on thanksgiving, but hey, never hurts to try something new, right? i definitely missed having turkey and being with family, but it was okay, we have been working pretty hard, so it wasn’t too difficult to keep my mind off of missing home. that same night, we went to institute with Luke. it was a really good lesson all about how much our Saviour has gone through for us. the spirit was so strong and it was a great reminder of how much Christ has done for us. my testimony of Jesus Christ literally grows every single day that i am out here. when i see people who do not have Him in their lives, it honestly just makes me sad. and when we have the opportunity to help someone come closer to Him, it makes me so happy and makes me so thankful that i have had a knowledge of Him my entire life. i have truly been so fortunate. The longer i am on my mission, the more reasons i see why i am here. i have grown so much, it is unbelievable. Yesterday was a great day as well. We had a really good testimony meeting at church. after church, we helped out at the local food shelter again, which i absolutely love doing. it makes me so thankful for even the smallest things that i have. to end off the night, we had our stake Christmas carol concert. it was so good, and singing in our ward choir was really fun. all of the ward choirs sang different carols, and stories were read and also scriptures as well. the spirit was so strong, and it was an experience i will never forget. we have been teaching a lot lately, and it has been so great. we are teaching people from all over the world, and it is so nice to make a difference in so many different people’s lives. i love what i am doing, and i know that the gospel leads to true and everlasting happiness! have a great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

 so we are teaching a lot of the coventry university students, the campus is really close to our flat. here are some pictures of the streets with the university on either side. the streets lead in to city centre, its a pretty cool city.

Elder DeBeikes Coventry University bench 12-1-13


Elder DeBeikes Coventry street 12-1-13

Elder DeBeikes Coventry street 2  12-1-13

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