English Sunrise & Missionary Breakfast (Week 10)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <nathan.debeikes@myldsmail.net>
Date: Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 2:31 AM

hello everyone, i cannot believe it has been another week in the mission field! i have officially passed my two month mark, which doesn’t even seem real. i am loving everything here. Elder Hess and i have been working hard, and have really been trying to find people to teach, and we have been pretty successful getting people to want to hear more, which is exciting. i am continuing to learn so much everyday, and i get more determined everyday to do the best i can. it is amazing the growth i have experienced in the past two months, and i can’t even imagine how much more it will be after two years. the more i study the scriptures, and the more i study preach my gospel, the more i learn how to become a better person and a better missionary. i love the scriptures. the book of mormon is absolutely amazing, and the more i study it the more i love it. this past week was pretty good, we did a lot of finding as usual, but we also had good opportunities for serving the members. on friday we helped a member fix his car, which was pretty cool, i learned a lot about cars. on thursday there was a baptism for this lady named Sue who has been coming to church for over a year, and finally decided to be baptized. it was really amazing, the spirit there was so awesome. her favorite hymn is a child’s prayer, so all ten of us missionaries sang that for her, and i could tell she was overwhelmed by the spirit, and it just made me so incredibly happy to know how much of a difference we can make in people’s lives by bringing them the gospel. yesterday we had dinner with the bishop and his family, which includes his wife and son. his oldest son is on a mission right now in london. anyway, i love him and his family, he loves making fun of my name, he always calls me debagel, debraindamage, and his favorite one right now is debacle. he’s a really great guy, and whenever we have dinner there the food is really good, and i am always laughing the whole time. we have been getting to know the members even more here, and the more i get to know them the more i love them. Elder Hess and i have also continued to strengthen our relationship, and he really feels like a brother. i feel like i have known him my whole life. it helps to be able to just talk to him about stuff whenever we are having a difficult time. sometimes it can be really tough, and i feel like i am not doing a very good job, but i always remember that i can pray to Heavenly Father for guidance and comfort, and it always works. it is truly amazing. the power of prayer is incredible. we are thinking of going and playing racketball today (raquetball?) im not sure how to spell that, but it doesnt even matter, because here they call it squash, which is weird. anyway, i love what i am doing, and i love the gospel, and i know that if we follow its principles we can be eternally happy! have another great week!
Love, Elder DeBeikes
alright so here is an english sunrise, i thought it was pretty cool
Elder DeBeikes photo of English sunset 9-29-13
then it was my first district. starting from the left it goes elder durrant, sister warner, me, elder wilde, elder kramer, elder krylborn, ellder hess, elder maligon, sister cottle, and elder chardon is on his knee. they are all cool, but elders wilde, kramer, and durrant got transferred, and so did sister warner. but i love my new district probably even more. the reason we arent in missionary clothes is because we made breakfast at the church for our last day together.
Elder DeBeikes with Missionaries - Coventry England 9-29-13
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One Response to English Sunrise & Missionary Breakfast (Week 10)

  1. Karen Greding says:

    After watching Conference and then World Report of the church I thought of you when they mentioned how the Slovakian people are moving to England and there is a branch there now and how readily they accept the Gospel. Maybe you’ll run into some one day.
    Karen Greding

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