Transfer Week (Week 8)

From: Nathan DeBeikes <>
Date: Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 2:32 AM

Hello! another week in the mission, this one absolutely FLEW by. it seems like yesterday that i was emailing last monday. but this past week has been good. this week is transfer week, so a bunch of people in my district are most likely leaving to a different area, which will be weird, because this is all i know, but i am excited to meet some new missionaries. it’s weird that i am halfway done with Elder Hess, it seems like it was not very long ago that we met, but i feel like i have known him my whole life. last monday after we finished emailing, we checked out the nearby cathedrals, which were really cool. we had to walk up this really narrow spiral staircase to get to the top, and the view was amazing. we could see all of coventry from the top. it was really cool to see how much history there is in coventry. i also went on an exchange with Elder Maligon, my mtc companion, and we called it mtc part two. it was really cool though, everybody seemed to want to stop and talk to us, and we got about seven people who wanted to meet with us sometime later in the week. Elder Maligon is awesome, he has a really strong spirit and amazing faith. another highlight of the week was yesterday. obviously we had church, which is always great, but after church we had a lesson with this guy named Bof (pronounced “buff”). he is 39 years old, and he is from Nigeria. he is amazing. last time we met with him we left a chpater for him to read in the book of mormon, and he ended up reading two chapters, and told us that he is falling in love with the book. it was amazing. then we asked if he had a chance to pray about it, and he said that he doesnt feel like he is worthy to pray to God. we told him that is not true at all, and that Heavenly Father wants to hear from all of His children, no matter what they are going through, and told him how much prayer could really help his life. he still seemed a little hesitant about it, but i think he is starting to understand the importance of prayer. then we taught him the plan of salvation, and he loved it. he was taking notes the whole time, and writing down the scriptures that we told him went along with it. i could feel the spirit so strongly, it was so great. then after the lesson was over, we asked Bof if he would say a closing prayer, and he started crying, and said he would, but then after some more tears, he said he couldnt, so we said it instead. it was amaizing to see how humble he is and how much he wants to get better, and i just testified to him how much the gospel can improve his life. it was the best lesson i have had so far on my mission, it was really really great, and i am so excited for Bof’s progression. right now he is set to get baptized on October 12th, but we will see what happens, obviously i am always praying for him. we have also been getting to know the members a lot better, and there are some truly amazing people in our ward, i like it a lot.

 ive actually been eating everything, and nothing has been too bad. ive actually realized that i kinda like onions on stuff, salad isnt too bad, and neither are mushrooms. and i can handle tomatoes. we went over for dinner to james’ house, who i believe i have already told you about, and he made us burritos. in them we had meat, cheese, lettuce, and these red peppers. they were really really good, i had two huge ones, but when i was finishing my second one, i started feeling weird, and they told me that my face was swelling up, and my eyes started itching, and i started coughing a little bit. it was really weird. so i just lied down on his couch while he and elder hess cleaned the kitchen, then we went back to the flat and went to bed, and i woke up the next morning completely fine! it was really weird, i think ill just have to stay away from those peppers. so that was kind of a random story, im not really sure why i decided to share that, but there you go.   i have already learned so many lessons while on my mission that will benefit me for the rest of my life. i am so thankful to be here.  when we keep God’s commandments, it shows our love for him, and he blesses us in return. i have been studying a lot about grace lately, and it is amazing. you should look up a byu devotional from july 2012 by brad wilcox about grace. it is such a good devotional, and it helped me understand Christ’s love for us, and how doing the right thing helps us to grow and become more like God, because that is the ultimate goal. God gave us commandments for our benefit! not to weigh us down. the commandments are such a blessing to us all, and we should all take full advantage of them. i love the book of mormon. 

 i have been very happy lately, and i continue to leard and grow everyday, i am so thankful to be here right now. i love this gospel, without it my life would not be nearly has happy. i love you all, and have another great week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes   
here are these cool helmets that we got to try on, and the third picture is at the bottom of one of the cathedrals that got bombed in world war two, but they were able to restore some of it, mainly just the walls, it was pretty cool
Elder DeBeikes Knights Helmet Coventry England 9-15-13 Elder DeBeikes Knights Helmet 2 Coventry England 9-15-13 Elder DeBeikes Bombed Cathedral WW2 Coventry England 9-15-13
alright so here is the view from the top of the cathedral, and the staircase
Elder DeBeikes Coventry England staircase in Cathedral 9-15-13 Elder DeBeikes view from top Coventry England 9-15-13 Nathan Cathedral Coventry 9-16-13


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  1. robfauver says:

    Love hearing that he will eat onions and mushrooms! Sounds like he is loving his mission!

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