Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! (Week 6)

Hey everyone! I miss you all so much! this past week has been a pretty good one, i have been enjoying life as a missionary more and more as each passing day goes by, even though sometimes it can be so challenging. it honestly just makes me appreciate the comforts of home so incredibly much. i love you all so much. but anyway, it has been another week of a lot of finding, but i have also taught a few lessons. it’s crazy to think that people in mexico and south america have baptisms all the time, it was kind of a huge eye opener coming here and realizing that i will be lucky to baptize even ten on my whole mission. but we will see. i am determined to work really hard and not be the typical missionary who doesnt see people make it to that stage in their life. last p day was pretty fun, we went to the tank show, and there were all these freakin huge tanks on display, literally just hundreds of tanks in this massive field. my zone leaders (who are also in my district) are really funny and were climing all over the tanks and stuff and getting in them, it was really fun. we also got to see some tanks blow stuff up with their cannon or turret or whatever, it was really cool. i got a lot closer with the members of my district, and each time we spend time together, i get to know them better and i honestly love every single one of them. they are all so cool, and i got so lucky to be placed in such an awesome district. today was zone p day. our zone consists of three districst, so there were about thirty missionaries there. we went to this nearby field and played “football” (soccer) and had a barbecue, it was so much fun. this missionary who was in the mtc with me named elder paton is from australia, and he is in my zone, so i got to hang out with him today. we became really good friends in the mtc, so its awesome when we do stuff as a whole zone and i get to hang out with him. anyway, that is why i am emailing a bit later than usual. also, saturday was a super random day, we got a call to go to the church and help set up for this wedding reception, so we went and helped for a couple hours with some sister missionaries in our zone, and then the people told us to stay for the food, so we did, and just sat through the whole reception and ate a ton of their food (i am always so hungry, literally 24/7). it was pretty sweet. then we helped break down all the stuff, and then stayed at the church for two baptisms, both from our sister missionaries, then stayed afterward as a distric to have pizza. so i was at the church from 12pm till 9pm, it was really weird. but we also did some service early in the morning, so it was a pretty fulfilling day, even though we didnt go out finding people or anything. but that was fun, then yesterday we had church, and let me tell you, there are some crazy people in our ward. but i love them all, i really do. some people bore the weirdest testimonies, but some people bore really inspiring ones, so it was nice. also this investigator went up to the pulpit and it was his first time, and he started talking about this “weird movie that he saw about mormons,” but the movie he was quoting was all about ahmish people, it was so weird, all of us missionaries were trying not to laugh. but i really love church, its great. we always go into young mens for third hour, and it made me think of all of the times growing up where i really didnt have to worry about anything, i miss that sometimes. but i have been learning so much and growing so much as a person, and i am so grateful for this opportunity. i already know so much more about the gospel, its crazy, and everything i learn confirms my testimony so much. i love this church, i love the gospel, i love Jesus Christ and what he did for us, it is unbelievable. i am so thankful to have this gospel in my life, and for the pure joy that it brings to me, and the direction that it gives to my life. i am so thankful for this opportunity that i have to bring it into other peoples lives, and bless them the way that i have been blessed. i know that if we follow God’s counsel, we will be happier than we can imagine, and every temporal thing will fall into place, and i am so happy for that simple truth. i love you all so much, i miss you, and i pray for you each morning and night.
Love, Elder DeBeikes
Zone leaders in tank
Elder DeBeikes zone leaders 8-2613
Elder DeBeikes
Elder DeBeikes in Tank 8-26-13
Ward member, James
Elder DeBeikes member James 8-26-13
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One Response to Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! (Week 6)

  1. Karen Greding says:

    While one son of ours served in Taiwan, they usually were involved in 1 or 2 baptisms their entire missions, so things could be worse! One young man from our ward that served there commented that his sisters at home got more baptisms than he did while he was gone.

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