okay, so this past week was a very good one. its hard to even remember if all of the stuff that has happened in the past week was really last week, the wek before, or even just yesterday. its seriously like one loooonngggg day. because when i go to sleep, im already waking up in what seems like one second. the days are so long, but the weeks go by so quickly, its ridiculous. so here is a crazy story that happened to us a few days ago. so we were talking to this guy on the street, when all of the sudden this group of about 8 teenagers walked by and started laughing at us and making fun of us (which happens all the time) and so when we were done talking to the guy, elder hess and i thought it would be funny if we rode past them on our bikes, since they were sitting on a nearby fence. so we did that, but right after we passed them we got stuck at a crosswalk, so a couple of them came over, and right as i was about to start riding away, this like 16 year old pulled my bag off of my bike that i had strapped down. oh man, it was so hard to resist …, but i just laughed and said thank you, then strapped me bag back down, and was about to ride away, when these two african guys walked past the group of kids, when all of the sudden one of the kids yelled something, and im not sure if the kid was yelling at us or the african guys, but one of the african guys turned around and was like “what did you just say to me?” and walked up to the kid who was maybe 13, and started punching him in the face, and this african guy was like in his late twenties, it was crazy! elder hess and i just stood there and stared, not knowing what to do, while the guy just started beating the kids face in. then another kid walked up to him to try and stop him, and the guy started punching him in the face! we were just like , what is going on? so the kids ran away, and the guys just kept walking. i was like what the heck just happened, it was so weird.  but man, it was the weirdest thing. but anyway, it is so hard to actually teach lessons, because 80 percent of the people dont even want to talk to us, and out of the 20 percent that do, only about half of them invite us over, and only about half of those people keep the appointment or even give us their real address. so i only taught about two lessons this past week, and they were with some pretty interesting people. one guys name is nee, and he was a catholic priest for 20 years. we taught him the restoration, and we was like oh yeah thats definitely true, but then he took us to this polish church down the street because he wanted to introduce us to the polish priest who is one of his best friends, that was weird. so im pretty sure nee is just accepting of all religions. he is just strange. but its been fun trying to find people, we talk to all kinds of people, there are a lot of muslims, and i have learned so much about other religions just from talking to people. it only strengthens my testimony that this is the true church. there are so many people from africa. every single person from ghana is so incredibly nice. i want to go there some day. but seriously there are people from all over, because we are right next to a university, so people come from all around the world to study in england. every sunday we help out with this food shelter that is run by another church, and seeing all of the people who are that desperate for anything they can get makes me feel so fortunate for all that i have. i cant believe how much i have taken for granted all of my life. coventry is definitely not a nice part of england, so seeing how some people live is just a huge eye opener. anyway, i am loving life, i have gotten to know a few of the members really well, and they are very cool. this one guys name is james who is about 35, and he helps us out with pretty much anything we need. he came over last night and gave me a haircut, then insisted that i burn a sock in celebration of my one month. so we did. it was fun. so yeah, life is good, i am very happy, and i cannot tell you how thankful i am for this gospel in my life. i feel so incredibly fortunate to be brought up in the church, and i cant imagine my life without it. it gives me such joy and happiness, and direction in life. i am so glad that i am here being able to share it with the people of coventry! i love and miss you all, have a great week.

Love, Elder DeBeikes

Elder DeBeikes with Mystery Machine 8-23-13 IMG_0526[1] IMG_0506[1] IMG_0508[1] IMG_0511[1]

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One Response to HELLLOOOOOOO MATES! (Week 5)

  1. Karen Greding says:

    When you mentioned meeting people from Ghana and how nice they are, since we’ve had so much experience in many parts of Africa, we can say that this is really true of the African people. They also might be more likely to want to hear your message.

    Karen Greding

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