Second Week in the Field – Gosford Green Park (Week 4)

 From: Nathan DeBeikes <

Date: Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 2:32 AM


Hello! i cannot believe it has already been a week since i last talked to you. time is the weirdest thing here, it is all such a blur, i honestly cannot even tell you specifics from just two days ago. days are long, but weeks fly by. i have already almost been gone for a whole month, thats freakin weird. just 23 more of those and i will be  seeing you guys! haha that’s kinda daunting, but i try not to think about it. ive found the harder i work and the busier we are, the faster time goes by, so i always try to work hard and stay busy. so for the most part, we have just been trying to find people to teach. there is this park that we go to all the time called gosford green to try to talk to people. you guys should look it up, its kinda cool. we meet the most interesting people, ive seriously had some really funny conversations, and some kinda not so funny. but there are a ton of people from africa and poland here, its so funny and random, but the african people are always awesome and nice, but the polish people are some of the meanest people, but sometimes they are nice. so thats what we mostly do, ride around on our bikes and try to talk to people, and we have gotten a few people to invite us over and we have been able to teach a few lessons, so its pretty cool. we also go by the mebers houses a lot because nobody ever wants to feed the missionaries, we get like two dinner appointments a week, if we are lucky. so we go by the mebers houses to try to get to know them better so they will want to invite us over for dinner, and so we can get referrals from them, and so we can just know the people in our ward. and its been working! we already have two dinner appointments just from doing that. there are some really cool people in our ward. yesterday church was really good. a returned missionary spoke and i was like man, thats gonna be so weird when that is me. its funny how much i like church now that i am on a mission. and also i cant wait till general conference, its gonna be like going out for a movie marathon. yesterday we also helped out with this other church that does a food shelter for the homeless, and seeing all those people made me so thankful for all that i have and i realized how much i take for granted. honestly being here on a mission makes me realize how much i have twaken for granted all of the love and support i get form my family and friends, and my ward members. when i stop sometimes and really think about it, it blows me away. you guys are all the best, and i miss you so much. so ive been eating everything that has been put on my plate at dinner appointments, you guys would be so proud of me. by the end of these two years i will be able to eat anything you cook for me. also another highlight of the week was playing “football” with the district on saturday morning. we do that every saturday morning with the members and with investigators, and it was really fun. it helped me get to know the missionaries in my district a lot better, and they are all so cool. oh yeah and i scored two goals, no big deal. but it was greaat. i am really enjoying coventry, and i cant wait to show you guys all the places that i go, i am starting to know where everything is, so its nice. basically i love being a missionary, and i love all of you. my testimony has at least doubled since i have been here, and there is no way this gospel isnt true. i cant even comprehend all the blessings that i have received because of it, and i am so thankful for it in my life. i love you all! have a great week, i continue to pray for all of you each week.

Love, Elder DeBeikes

Coventry England map Gosford Park Coventry England

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