Elder DeBeikes in Coventry, England, week 3

From: Nathan DeBeikes <nathan.debeikes@myldsmail.net>
Date: Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 3:51 AM

Hello! wow I cannot believe that i am already out in the field. coventry is pretty cool, I’m still not positive exactly how i feel about it, but I am liking it more and more everyday. It kinda reminds me of the bronx, and some places are kinda ghetto haha, but the people are nice. well, some of the people at least. other people are really funny when they just completely ignore you, it seriously just makes me laugh, I’m just like how rude, I am here trying to save your eternal life and you just ignore me, I will see you in the afterlife and you can say sorry then. but anyway, I like walking around and biking around and stuff, and the streests are so narrow that i almost run into poeple all the time, its pretty crazy. i wish that i wasnt so lazy and actually capitalized my i’s and stuff, but that would take too much time. but honestly i love hearing from you, and thank you for the birthday card!

so the first day, we went to the mission home and met the president and his wife, and they are such amzing people. then the AP’s talked to us and stuff, then we met our trainers! my trainers name is Elder Hess, he is from Kaysville Utah, and he is only four months older than me. he’s been out in the field for four months, so he says all the time that i am training him, but he is seriously already an awesome missionary, and we get along so well. we joke around a lot and we have so much in common. he said he was like the ultimate byu football fan growing up, and he cant believe that i am going to play there. i have already learned so much from him, and he really helped me just get right into things by making me talk to people right away. we got picked up from the mission home from one of the members, and he is crazy. they call him Griffo, and he almost killed me on my first day! we came super close to hitting a car and Griffo went onto the side of the road. honestly i have never seen so many crazy drivers. literally EVERYONE is a crazy driver, its quite hilarious. but anyway, then he took us to our flat, which is pretty small, but its nice, i like it a lot.

I got a bike for free, Griffo’s mom is too old to ride a bike now, so he gave it to me, and it works great, so that was awesome. i’m still adjusting to riding a bike everywhere, and it really sucked the first couple of days, but it’s not that bad anymore. i’ve had some really freakin weird food, but i have been eating ALL of it, you would be so proud of me. we went to the ward mission leaders house for dinner once, and he is african, and his aunt made us dinner. it was like this weird rice stuff with beens and noodles and then this spicy red sauce, with a hard boiled egg on the top. hahahaha oh man, wow. it wasnt too bad though to be honest, and im already getting less picky i feel like.

yesterday we went to church, and the three new missionaries in the ward had to bare (bear?) their testimonies, so that was fun i guess. oh yeah, there are five sets of missionaries in our ward, crazy right? but church was good, there are some pretty crazy people, so that was pretty funny. after church we went to a dinner appointment at the randawas. they are an indian family in our ward, but the mom was raised in coventry, so she’s totally English. she was the nicest and funniest lady, she is into like wiz khalifa and tupac and muse and stuff, so shes like this hip English/indian lady, but she said she would adopt me and i can come over whenver i want if i get homesick. it was great.

so i am doing great, but i miss all of you so much, and i pray for everyone every single day. ive only taught one lesson so far, we usually go out to the park and try to find people to talk to, but i am confident that the work will pick up, because elder hess and i both want to work really hard and do the best we can! time is so weird, days are long, but they go by so quickly, every day im already going to bed before i know it, so i will see you all in no time! i LOVE hearing from anyone, so dont be afraid to contact me 🙂 oh yeah my new address is flat 3, othello ct, 168 shakespeare st, coventry, cv2 4nf, england. you can send normal letters to that address, but for packages and big things send it to the mission home, and make sure you put that it’s a gift, otherwise i have to pay tax.

I love you all so much, and I will talk to you in a week!

Love, Elder DeBeikes

Elder Nathan DeBeikes with Mission President & Mrs Rasmussen 8-7-13 Nathan birthday chalkboard 8-3-13 Nathan birthday cake 8-3-13 Nathan fort 8-11-13 Nathan handcuffed 8-11-13

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